Hole 9

485 YDS | S.I. 9 | PAR 5
474 YDS | S.I. 9 | PAR 5
416 YDS | S.I. 2 | PAR 5

Hole Description

The first par 5. Lateral Water Hazard all the way down the right and 3 ditches to contend with. As with the 2nd any over cautious tee shots will be caught out by the 3 fairway bunkers up the left. Big hitters beware that the 2nd ditch may come into play off the tee.

Try putting yourself in position off the tee so that you can lay up with your 2nd, watch out for the bunker on the 2nd part of the fairway.

Your approach to the green has to be played with care as there is a ditch runs across the fairway and a large bunker to the left will catch any pulled shots.

Pro's tip

This is not a long hole for a Par 5. Therefore all but the longest hitters should concentrate on a solid drive up the left, a medium to long iron for the second and a short iron into the green-three consecutive, consistent blows and a guaranteed Par every time.


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