Our History

The club was founded in 1908 originally as a 9-hole course in Warden Law, in 1912 it became 12 holes at nearby Copt Hill. It then later expanded to 18 holes by using a nearby field however, due to shortages caused by the First World War and there not being enough petrol for the course equipment it reverted back to 12 holes. Following the removal of rationing it returned to 18 holes by taking over Rough Dene Burn. In 1920 the first clubhouse was erected costing £235. In 2008 the current clubhouse was extended/refurbished costing £745,000 which included purchase of additional land from Lambton Estates. The club is a member of the 1908 Society of golf clubs (clubs founded in that year) with the objectives of promoting friendship between clubs enabling members to play at other participating clubs on a reciprocal basis.