Hole 5

388 YDS | S.I. 5 | PAR 4
379 YDS | S.I. 5 | PAR 4
309 YDS | S.I. 6 | PAR 4

Hole Description

The 5th fairway slopes to the right, but watch out for the trees on the left. The green is protected with bunkers left and right. The undulating green makes putting tricky.

Pro's tip

Don’t miss the fairway to the left, only the very lucky or expert can hit the green from there. Rather aim your tee shot down the left side of the fairway looking for a favourable kick right to the middle. Indeed any drive that finishes short of the trees dividing the fifth and sixth fairways will do as it leaves a second shot back up the slope through a narrow entrance to the green.

HOLE SPONSORED BY: ALLDEC Painting & Decorating

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