Hole 4

428 YDS | S.I. 3 | PAR 4
425 YDS | S.I. 3 | PAR 4
343 YDS | S.I. 4 | PAR 4

Hole Description

The 4th is a long par 4. A blind tee shot over the brow of the hill with trees to the right. Longer hitters should be aware of the ditch adjacent to the first tee.  A large green awaits your 2nd shot, there are no bunkers but the green has a big drop to the back and right.

Pro's tip

Both drive and second shot will tend to kick left to right. Faced with a long second you may be able to run it in using the contours, particularly on the left side of the green.



Img Course Hole 4 2
Img Course Hole 4 3