Hole 13

563 YDS | S.I. 4 | PAR 5
556 YDS | S.I. 4 | PAR 5
458 YDS | S.I. 13 | PAR 5

Hole Description

The only hole with out of bounds to the LEFT. A good tee shot will put you in position to play your 2nd around the dog leg left and down towards the green, but don’t cut too much off the corner as you will be out of bounds. Your 3rd should be a downhill shot into a fairly level green that is protected by one bunker to the front left.

Pro's tip

Not many courses have such a steep fairway as Houghton has down to the 13th green. For that third shot into the green make sure to have your weight on the front foot so that your shoulders are on the same plane as the slope and you should avoid the dreaded duff and be safely on the green.


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