Hole 12

347 YDS | S.I. 10 | PAR 4
322 YDS | S.I. 10 | PAR 4
260 YDS | S.I. 7 | PAR 4

Hole Description

A tee shot to around the 150 marker is ideal, it will leave you a nice shot into the 2 tier green. Too long off the tee and you will be in the ravine which has a ditch at the bottom and if you miss that you will have a blind shot up the steep hill.

Pro's tip

A fairway wood is all that is needed off the tee to lay up at the top of the hill. For that second shot be sure to take enough club, particularly if the flag is at the back of the two tier green and the prevailing west wind is in your face.


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Img Course Hole 12 4