Hole 10

497 YDS | S.I. 8 | PAR 5
467 YDS | S.I. 8 | PAR 5
426 YDS | S.I. 1 | PAR 5

Hole Description

A very difficult tee shot. Trees to the left and Lateral Water Hazard all up the right, the fairway also slopes to the right. Another good tee shot will allow you to lay up with your 2nd. The approach to the green is one of the more testing on the course. The ditch across the fairway is a problem, but there is more danger in the way of 3 deep bunkers right in front of the green.

Get onto the green and have an interesting putt–no more to be said, IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT.

Pro's tip

Like the 9th, the 10th has a lateral water hazard right and a ditch protecting the green. So the advice for all but the big boys is two consistent blows favouring the left of the fairway followed by a committed short iron and a chance of a birdie on a tricky green.


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