HLSGC – PLAY SAFE-STAY SAFE Latest Update for Members 23.05.20

Before updating members of the latest discussions and decisions taken at the Covid 19 Sub-committee held on Friday 22nd May at 5.30pm the committee would again like to express their gratitude and respect towards our army of volunteers, co-ordinated and efficiently organised by John and Joanna Ellison, for their continuous dedication and selflessness. Without you our PLAY SAFE-STAY SAFE plans could not have succeeded the way they have over the first two difficult weeks of resuming play. The committee salutes you!

Of course, it is not too late to join the band of ‘Elly’s Heroes’. If you wish to help in anyway, please contact the club at Houghton.golf@btconnect.com or speak to John Ellison directly and he’d gladly find you a job to do!

Members will recall that the committee relaxed the BRS booking restrictions for the beginning of week two. These new rules allowed members the opportunity to book one round per weekday and one weekend round on either a Saturday or Sunday. We also asked members to be as considerate as they could to other members when deciding when and how many times they should play. Data the club has received is that most members have restricted their number of games, on average, to two per week. This is welcomed by the committee at this time, and we thank you for it, as it gives more opportunity for us all to play the game we enjoy during these restricted times. We respectfully ask that all members continue to show consideration for one another as we go into week three.

We have again listened to all the feedback from our members, and volunteers all of which was presented by our officers and committee members at our review meeting. The committee considered two main areas. These being:

  1. Current BRS booking rules and existing tee time intervals.
  2. Timetable for allowing member’s guests and visitors to return.

Following discussions and we can confirm the following decisions have been taken:

  1. Existing playing restrictions and BRS booking rules will remain the same with one exception. Tee time intervals will be reduced to 8 minutes thus giving an additional 18 tee times per day with the intention of offering more opportunity for more members to play.
  2. The club are constantly reviewing the club’s financial position and the importance of the club having to begin opening revenue streams to secure the long-term future of the club. The committee feel however, despite the strong desire to allow guests and visitors to return, that our members remain our biggest priority currently. Therefore, the committee has agreed to extend play to members only for a further week starting Monday 25th This will be kept under constant review.

Link to booking guidance

We are hopeful all members will embrace these changes as a further positive step in our attempts to be fair to all those wanting to play golf, while always putting staff, member, and volunteer safety first.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience during this period.


John Walvin (Chairman) on behalf of The Committee.