Updated booking guidance for play 25/05/20 – 31/05/20

Dear Members ,

Following the booking measures implemented for reopening on 13th May 2020 a Covid19 Sub committee review of the period 13th -22nd May 2020 took place last night.

As a result of the review and having taken account of every possible factor to promote a safe golfing environment we can announce the following new booking guidance for members which will come in to to place from 6pm Sunday 24th May 2020 for bookings between Monday 25th May 2020 – Sunday 31st May 2020.  Existing booking procedures remain strictly in place until then.

The full guidance relating to Covid19 measures when attending and playing remain in place and must be strictly adhered to as a condition of booking.

Key Points  :

Bookings will be for members only until further notice .  No visitors are permitted until further notice .

No play is possible without a prior booking and no-one is to use the course prior to the first tee time of 8am.

Please do not attend without a booked tee time you will not be allowed access to the course.

Each day from 6pm  you will  be able to book for the following day’s play via BRS.  No bookings can be made in advance of the next day. Tee times have been reserved within each hour to ensure some availability for  telephone bookings from 8am on the day of play.  Any available tee time not taken online can also be booked via telephone.  The shop will be staffed from 8am – 1pm  to take telephone bookings .

A max of a 2 ball booking  is permitted and single bookings may be subject to being joined by other single bookings.

Two ball bookings must state both members at the point of booking.

We would encourage playing with a regular playing partner wherever possible.

Booking Restrictions:

From 8 am Monday 25th May 2020

Mon 25th May 2020  – Fri 29th May 2020  – Members can play 1 pre booked round per day. (regardless of who makes the booking !!)
Sat 30th May – Sun 31st May 2020  – Members are restricted to only 1  pre booked round over  this weekend period , ie  play either Saturday or Sunday .

To ensure all members have a fairer opportunity to play during the week  we are recommending members consider how often they use BRS to book the day before play so as  to allow every member the opportunity to secure a tee time via BRS at some point during the week and also allow all members the opportunity to fill any free tee times on the day.  Please also consider booking alternative tee times if you wish to play on a daily basis  so as to allow others the opportunity to play at prime times during the day. 

Members may only book within the scope of your existing membership category ie. 5 day etc.

Juniors under 18 are permitted to play only with a playing adult member from the same household or must be be accompanied with a parent/guardian of the same household.

Members must not reserve a tee time via BRS for corporate members.

The practice area must also be booked and is available to book via BRS on a limited basis

Use of the practice facility should only be booked if you are not playing the course that day.

Please consider course availability for all members and do not book unless you fully intend to play.

You must cancel any booking in advance if you are unable to keep your tee time without excpetion .

In all cases the course must be cleared by 9pm without exception.  As such,  tee times within 4 hours of sunset may not allow the full 18 holes to be played. It is not anticipated any more than 9 holes could be played after the last available tee time of 7:30pm.

The full timesheet ie: 8am – 7:30 pm will be subject to the club having sufficient volunteer resources to ensure all the Covid19  measures are being adopted and may change on a daily basis if key volunteer roles cannot be filled.

BRS can be used to ensure measures are being followed.

Using BRS -:

The vast majority of you will have by now registered to use the BRS Tee Booking System.

Should any members require a BRS login they must  first register using their membership ID number as their username via the link below


Click here to access membership number   Members List

Once registered your account will be enabled by the competition team asap and you will receive an email to confirm that.

Please note most members will already have a BRS account even if it’s never been used or you may have  lost your password. Generally if you were a member at the time the club introduced you should have an account.  If this applies please email your membership number, a preferred password and  your membership category  ( ie full , 5 day etc) to the competition team (email address below).

All 999 workers on their respective corporate memberships are limited to restricted tee times via telephone bookings only.  Contact your respective Social Secretary or Website for details.  Do not register for BRS as it will not be enabled.

For any issues or advice regarding the use of BRS or bookings  please email competitions@hlsgc.co.uk  .

Facebook messages via the club messaging facility  can’t be guaranteed to be answered promptly and should be avoided.


NB: There is no ‘perfect’ solution to satisfy the circumstances of every member at the club but we can all consider the situation and be realistic about the demand imposed on the course by the pandemic restrictions.

We rely on members to assist us by being sensible and fair to each other.  Your patience and understanding during this predictably busy period is welcomed.

Please ensure you fully understand the guidance to avoid disappointment.

Stay Safe !

Ian Cassap

Competition Secretary