HLSGC Play Safe Stay Safe – Latest Update 06/06/20

The Covid 19 Sub Committee met today, Saturday 6th June 2020 at 10.00am, to review its current PLAY SAFE – STAY SAFE playing and booking rules. Before we outline the results of that review the Committee would like to take the opportunity to reflect on recent positive changes affecting the club and its members.

Firstly, following our recent new Heaven 7 promotion, the club are pleased to announce that we have over 20 new members at the club. We would like to say, ‘welcome to you all’ and we hope you enjoy a long and successful stay with us at Houghton le Spring Golf Club. The club are now accepting member’s guests and visitors and it is good to see so many new and old faces playing their golf at Houghton once again. Hopefully, we can attract many more over the coming weeks and months.

On another positive note our Club Captain, Ian Baxter, announced we will be returning to competition golf from Saturday 13th June 2020. The first competition being our Gents Pairs Open. Judging by the full start sheet this is what our members and visitors have been waiting for! A mention must go to the 24 visitors from Parklands Golf Club who will be taking part. We look forward to welcoming you to Houghton. All our Captains from each section of the club have worked extremely hard in producing revised competition diaries and I know all members will appreciate their individual efforts in enabling us all to take part in competitions once more. Thank you to all of them.

Following last week’s review, the club were able to sanction groupings of 3 and 4 players. This has had the obvious effect of increasing the amount of available tee times and hopefully opportunity for members to play with more of their playing circle and guests. To further enhance member and visitor choice the Covid 19 Sub Committee agree the time is now right to relax the current BRS booking restrictions.

Therefore from 6.00pm on Sunday 7th June Members will be able to book a tee time 7 days in advance, excluding those times set aside for Club Competition golf, Opens, golf societies, corporate events etc. This will be a ‘rolling’ 7-day period until further notice or other restrictions are imposed upon us by government or England Golf.    Full Booking Guidance Here

Also, thanks to our fantastic volunteers, who have agreed to start earlier on a morning, we can also announce tee times will be available from 7.30am Monday to Saturday, and from 7.00am on Sundays. A big thank you goes to all our dedicated volunteers!

The Committee will continue to review, and monitor the changes brought in as we enter week 5 of the PLAY SAFE-STAY SAFE period. Thank you to all our members who continue to respect our PLAY SAFE – STAY SAFE rules. It is vitally important that we all do so to protect us all within the club and our family members and friends outside of the club from a virus which is not going away.


Keep safe and thank you all,

John Walvin (Chairman) on behalf of The Committee.