Updated Ruling re Bunkers and Flags 12/06/2020

Following guidance from England Golf and in order to comply with CONGU requirements for handicap qualifying competitions,  from  immediate affect the ruling on bunkers for play in competitions is now -:

You may mark, pick and place within 6 inches in any bunker on the course.   (Note the local ruling of being allowed to smooth the area prior to placing is now removed and the relief is only limited to 6 inches regardless of the area surrounding the ball) 

With this in mind please remember to make every effort to smooth over any club or footmarks after playing a bunker shot by using your foot or club as best you can.  We will continue with the help of volunteers to maintain the best standard of bunkers possible. 


The ruling on flagsticks remains the same in that they must remain in the hole at all times. 


Unfortunately … for a bit of homework it may be worth refreshing your knowledge  on  the rulings on temporary water !! 

Ian Cassap

Competition Secretary


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