HLSGC Play Safe Stay Safe Latest 14.06.20


Latest Update for Members 14.6.20


The Covid 19 Sub Committee met on Friday 12th June 2020 at 5.30pm, to review its current PLAY SAFE – STAY SAFE playing and booking rules. At this meeting, the main talking points were the 1 member 1 guest rule and our existing use of volunteers.

Firstly, and following the discussions, it has now been agreed that 1 member can now invite up to 3 guests to play a round of golf with them, all of whom will be charged at our current guest rate of £15. Therefore, a member can now book up to 3 guests through our on-line BRS booking system, or by telephone and 7 days in advance of play.

Secondly, members will be acutely aware that the club’s journey over the last 5 weeks in enabling us to get back onto the golf course, and safely, could not have happened without the help of our volunteers. Their selfless hard work and dedication cannot be overstated. The Committee applauds and thanks you all.

That said the Committee believes the time has arrived to streamline the use of volunteers.

After 5 weeks operating as we have, most of our members will now be entirely familiar with the club’s PLAY SAFE – STAY SAFE rules. The committee has confidence knowing that all our members can be trusted to take responsibility for their own actions going forward into the future and until all restrictions and rules can be lifted. We thank all members in anticipation of their continued cooperation during this next stage.

The club still intend to use marshalls on the course to monitor play, do routine checks and carry out bunker maintenance, while the first tee will be monitored by those working in the club shop.

The Committee will continue to review, and monitor the changes brought in as we enter week 6 of the PLAY SAFE-STAY SAFE period.

Keep safe and thank you all,

John Walvin (Chairman) on behalf of The Committee.