Greens Chairman May Update

Course update

19th May 2019


If this was a school report I would have to say that after a slow start to the year the course is now making fair progress. Visitors over the last few weeks have been very complimentary about the course. Thankfully Wayne, Dip, Sean, Jack, Ryan and The Greens Committee will never rest on their laurels. Expectations and standards are high. The lads know what they are capable of producing given the right conditions and a supportive membership. They are determined to further improve the course and get it in the best condition they can.

The definition of the course is improving and the shape of the holes is starting to become evident. It is however worth remembering that it is still only May in the North East of England.  The recent rain has been followed by some warmth. More of the same will have the course in great shape despite the cold start. The intention is to develop clearly defined fairways and rough which allows you to find your ball but not hit any club you wish from it. The height of fairway and rough cutters is reviewed at every greens committee meeting.

Some of the afternoon golfers have complained about poor lies in the bunkers from footprints left by other players. One likened them to the sand pit down at Gillas Lane Nursery but I don’t know about that. Please have consideration for the golfers following you and rake the sand over carefully after you have played. The Greens team do a good job raking the bunkers and are looking to further improve them by trying to rake more sand from the sides. Hopefully this will mean the ball will roll fully into the bunker and not get held up on the edges.

After the success of the first group we are looking to get another group of members together to fill divots on the fairways. The greens team will be filling in divots on the tees this week. Filling divots on fairways is a very time consuming job but can be done much more quickly with a large group. We are looking for a group of members to help fill divots around the course. Ten volunteers would be great. The divot party will meet Friday 24th May at 4pm. Let me or one of the Greens Committee know if you wish to help.

The surrounds to the clubhouse and first tee are looking great and will soon be in full bloom. Sandra and Andrea have asked if any members have any spare daffodil or bluebell bulbs lying around. If you have they would be gratefully received.

The next committee meeting is on Wednesday 22nd May 2019. If you would like to bring anything up about the course prior to that please get in touch with one of the following people;

Wayne Ingledew (Head GreenKeeper)

John Ellison (Greens Chairman)

Dave Bryson (Captain)

Ian Baxter

Dave Pringle

Christine Bell

John Walvin


Enjoy your golf.