Greens Chairman June Update

Course update
12th June 2019

Thanks to all of the members who have bought club lottery tickets over the last year or so. You may not have won anything but the profits made by the club have been used to purchase our very own sprayer to treat the weeds on the course. The daisies and clover patches have given an unsightly appearance to some fairways and rough especially on the newer part of the course. The course has not been sprayed to treat weeds for around 3 years. The cost of a contractor to spray the course is prohibitive however the committee have agreed that the treatment is essential and cannot be foregone for another year. To save costs Wayne has been able to source the purchase of our own sprayer from another local golf club. We will now be able to treat more regularly at about one third of the cost of a contractor. You should see an end to those pesky weeds in the coming month. Watch out for spraying notices on the course notice board.

A little while ago we were appealing for rain dancers to do their thing. You can stop now.

The course is definitely taking shape and conversations by the Greens Committee are happening around keeping the rough at a consistent length. The length of rough is always an issue for debate with some members wanting more and others wanting less. It is generally agreed that the rough is currently at a good length and a fair compromise for all category and standard of members. The Greens Team have lowered the greens cutters and they are currently at 3.5 mm. They are not running quickly yet because of the amount of rain we have had.

Another divot filling evening was had by a few diehard volunteers. Thanks to John Walvin, Bernie Munroe and Ian Baxter for their efforts. Remember if you want to help out and keep your course in good condition either see Wayne for a bucket of divot mix or see a member of the greens committee. They will be able to put you in the picture for the next divot filling session. Thanks to Craig Brammer, Dale Froud and Dave Pringle for brushing water from the greens last Saturday. Dip and Jack had been in very early on Saturday morning and were doing their best to get the course open. The weather prevailed this time but we were able to get the course open on Saturday afternoon despite all of the rain that had fallen on Friday and Saturday morning.

The planters and baskets around the club have been replenished by The Shaw Trust which is a local charity. The baskets and the rest of the surrounds are being kept beautifully by Sandra and Andrea with some help from Peter. Thanks once again to our brilliant volunteers.

The Greens Team have had a fairway rake on demo this week. The rake is dragged around and makes the grass stand on end. It can then be cut more cleanly with the fairway mower. We will continually inspect the fairways as they remain a part of the course that we wish to improve.

Expectations and standards remain high. The Greens Team continue to work tirelessly and smartly. They have come to see the affirmative value suffering and unhappiness truly play in creating a great course. They are determined to make our course the best in the area.

The next committee meeting is on Wednesday 26th June 2019. If you would like to bring anything up about the course prior to that please get in touch with one of the following people;

Wayne Ingledew (Head GreenKeeper)
John Ellison (Greens Chairman)
Dave Bryson (Captain)
Ian Baxter
Dave Pringle
Christine Bell
John Walvin

Enjoy your golf.