Electronic Scorecard Return Procedure

England Golf Play Safe Stay Safe guidance prevents the use of scorecards being passed around in the traditional manner we are all used to and familiar with.

As a result of the guidance  and following a trial that was open for all members to participate in we are pressing ahead with our Electronic Scorecard return system for all competitions beginning Sunday 14th June 2020 .

Firstly , a big thankyou to everyone who took part in the trial.  Your feedback has helped iron out some errors or issues that have now been corrected.


Procedure to be followed

  1. One card will be issued for each competition tee slot. One player in the group will record all scores on that card. ie in 4BBB two pairs scores A+B pair 1 , C + D pair 2.  In singles there will be up to 4 players on the card.
  2. On completion of the round. All players in the group must safely agree their score with the marker. The marker should sign the card.
  3. All players in singles ( or one of each pair in 4BBB) should safely take a photograph of the scorecard for their reference. The marker once satisfied all parties are in agreement and in possession of an image of the card must then post the card into a designated scorecard box which will be in a readily available position outside of the clubhouse.
  4. Each player or one of each pair in 4BBB must then use the Electronic Scorecard to submit their card via email to the competition secretary before 10pm on the date of competition.


Using the Electronic Scorecard

  1. The scorecard can be accessed via the new Club Competitions page on the club website. A copy of the card will also be sent in an attachment to every email address of players on the competition BRS time sheet .
  2. Each competition will have its own scorecard and will be clearly identifiable. The card is pre populated to include the date and competition name. The scorecard uses the Microsoft Excel software.  It is not designed as a phone app and works best on a PC/ Laptop.  It can be used on Excel apps on smart phones but it’s a much easier experience on a normal computer.
  3. In 4BBB there is one card per pair and in singles currently there is a limit on 2 players per card.
  4. To complete the card simply download the card by pressing the link on the page. Only fill in the shaded boxes.  Only enter gross scores in the relevant column.  In 4BBB only enter the scores of the player scoring on each particular hole as you would on a normal card. Remember to enter the name in the bottom right of the card of the person verifying it as correct .
  5. Save the excel file /card to your device then attach it to an email and email competitions@hlsgc.co.uk    –  Ladies email paulinebaxter84@yahoo.co.uk  –    Follow the guidance in the yellow box on the scorecard.
  6. A provisional result will be published as soon as possible and will be subject to any necessary amendments before a formal result can be declared.
  7.  Assistance is on hand for all players via the shop or email.


NB .The usual speedy turnaround of competition results on the day is not realistic currently but every effort has been made to ensure we can get a result out asap. Please be patient during this period.

If anyone has any queries or requires any assistance regarding the above please EMAIL competitions@hlsgc.co.uk

Please read the above guidance in full before sending an email.

Do not send queries via Facebook please.


Thanks for your support

Ian Cassap

Competition Secretary