Can all members who sign up to club competitions after the Thursday night sign up please be aware that a condition of entry is a commitment to pay the entry fee.
It has become apparent that some members have entered competitions  either online via BRS or via the shop and subsequently cancelled prior to the competition taking place without paying an entry fee.
A member who has paid on the Thursday sign up automatically loses the entry fee if they cancel before the 12pm Saturday deadline and this rule has to apply to all members regardless of how they sign up.

Please note that in the event of a cancelled competition that anyone withdrawing prior to the official cancellation that they still forfeit their entry fee without obtaining a credit .

All entries and cancellations are logged and timed on BRS meaning it is able to identify individuals who owe competition entry fees.

From Friday 14th February 2020 any members failing to adhere to this may be subject to competition entry restrictions until outstanding fees are paid.

Thank you for your continued support

Ian Cassap

Competition Secretary