Club Shop Accounts – GDPR

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 HLSGC are bound by  The General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) to ensure any personal data held by the club is not misused.   As a club we are currently working along side a 3rd party organisation, namely Eureka Golf,  to ensure a stocked club shop and prize facility is available to its members.

In order for members to access their shop accounts via Eureka Golf  we as a club require members who have opted for that method of prize award to consent to us providing Eureka Golf with their email address so that individual accounts can be created. This will allow the member the opportunity to order items direct from the Eureka Golf website or in the shop using any winnings in their account’s.

Members must consent to us providing Eureka Golf with their email address prior to an account being set up.  A consent sheet will be held in the shop and the bar.  This must be signed before Eureka Golf  can implement an account for you. 

No other personal data will be held by Eureka Golf during this process.

This request does not apply to members who have opted for prize money to be allocated to bar card or 2021 membership fees. 

Thank you  for your patience during this period of transition. Your support is appreciated.

HLSGC Committee