Club Championships 26/07/20 – Presentation & Spectator Information

The Captains Committee have implemented a plan to safely  allow a meaningful presentation and provide members /guests  an opportunity to view the competitors complete their 2nd round at this years Men’s Club Championships.

Anyone  wishing to stay and spectate who have not been playing that day or who have been playing earlier in the day  that wish to have a drink will be allocated a time from 5.30pm until the presentation to either sit or stand outside.

This will be marshalled by the bar staff and the Lady Captain.

The area around the clubhouse and a designated area around the  5th tee may  also be used as a spectating spot .  Please respect competing golfers when spectating at all times. 

To allow as many members the opportunity to safely observe , this year’s presentation will take place on the 18th green asap on completion of the final groups’ play.

Due to the restrictions of 32 people in the bar at any one time seats in the bar area will be strictly prioritised for players with a tee time as per the existing guidance.

If unoccupied space is available then anyone wishing to sit in the bar may do so from 5:30pm until the presentation has taken place.

Outdoor seating will be reduced and clearly marked  to ensure social distancing.

Anyone  who is playing social golf after the competition will be asked when teeing off on the 5th to tee off from the Ladies tee to ensure safe play, also anyone who may be playing the 18th hole at that time will be asked to be aware that the presentation may be taking place and asked to delay their game briefly while the presentation takes place.  

Please ensure that social distancing guidelines are strictly adhered to at all times and avoid loitering in the bar area if you don’t have a seat at a table.   The bar serving system will remain in operation as will the continued recording of details for NHS Track and Trace for anyone entering the bar. 

Thanks in advance for your continued  support

Captain Ian Baxter on behalf of Captains Committee.