1st Howler 08/07/20 1530 – 1830 Entry Instructions

The first 9 Hole Howler  of 2020 and subject to Covid 19 operating  practices will take place on Wednesday 8th July 2020  between 1530 – 1830

Entry will be by BRS and strictly between  the above times and subject to tee availability.  No tee times are reserved specifically for this competition.   

Booking is available from 6pm Wednesday 1sy July 2020.  


Please email me to confirm your  entry into the competition to assist in the setting up of the competition on the club software at the point of booking on BRS.   

Email competitions@hlsgc.co.uk 


The shop is being specifically opened outside of normal opening hours to facilitate the running of this competition.

You must register in the shop prior to play.  This should be done by  ONE  MEMBER OF YOUR GROUP who will  receive a  group card and should also arrange payment of the competition fees on behalf of the group using contactless payment. 

Cards must be returned on the evening and members must allow enough time to leave the course and enter scores in readiness for the course gates closing at 9pm .  The club touchscreen will be back in operation by this date and must be used.  DO NOT SIMPLY PUT A CARD IN THE BOX!!

Any entries not entered into the touchscreen without good reason will be deemed as a NO RETURN.  Please contact me via email on the evening if there are any issues with the touchscreen process.

Thanks for your support

Ian Cassap