Test Scorecards

Dear Members,

As you are hopefully aware by now part of England Golf’s Guidance surrounding Play Safe Stay Safe gives club’s the option of running competitions provided they are done safely.

Part of being safe is the guideline that scorecards are not to be passed on etc.

In order that we can run competitions under these guidelines we are will trial the use of an electronic scorecard return system for all competitions and supplementary card submissions with the view of going live on the 13th June for the Gents Open then using the that system for internal competitions from Sunday 14th June 2020.

I would therefore ask any members playing from now until further notice to use one of the attached scorecards as a practice run to highlight any user  issues in readiness for the official launch.

The scorecards are contained with an excel spreadsheet and only require limited fields  to be entered  including the names, date, times, handicap and gross scores per hole as you would on a normal written scorecard. They would would be saved and emailed to me on completion.

Im mindful everyone has different IT capabilities and have ensured this is a simple to use as possible.  If you are unable to access excel I would urge you to  in the week ahead to makes attempts to get access to it either though a playing partner or family or friends or even learn how to yourself.  Be aware that a condition of  entry to competitions will be to undertake this process.  The process is hopefully very straight forward and will be no harder than saving a document and sending an email which I sure most members do on a daily basis.

Fall back measures will be considered in due course but I want a uniformed approach to competitions so I can run them safely for my competition team and other  volunteers and in line with our Covid19 best practice.

For now Id be grateful if you could test run the cards and if possible anyone playing in a pair or fourball could use the 4BBB card for your pair as this will be the first competition format we use the new card on .

Please note this trial is just to assess the use of the electronic version and full details as to how the process will work along with paper scorecards in actual competitions  will be published in advance.

Im aware there are numerous apps and solutions out there for scorecards but it is our hope that this is a somewhat short term solution before we return to cards and prevents the mass setting up of new technology for our members in a short period of time.

Please click on the appropriate card you wish to complete. Instructions are contained within the file and an example of how a completed card should look is in the tab next to the scorecard.


Scorecard Templates

Mens 4BBB

Mens Single Stableford

Mens Single Strokeplay

Ladies 4BBB

Ladies Single Stableford

Ladies Single Strokeplay

Can members wishing to enter supplementary cards to reactivate handicaps or for first awards please continue to follow the existing published method.  

Cards for other formats are in the pipeline and will be published if and when required .


It is anticipated if the trial is favourable  a specific competition card for each competition will be available prior to the day via a new competitions page I’m constructing on the website.

Hopefully we can all make successful use of this process for now until we return to normal. Your support and participation in this trial will help to ensure we can effectively run competitions at HLSGC.  Please don’t get too hung up on the how’s, why’s and wherefores for now and treat this as it is … a scorecard return trial.

Feel free to add any comments when returning your cards via email and remember solutions work better than criticism as we look forward to the arrival of the competition schedule.

Many thanks in advance.

Ian Cassap

Competition  Secretary