Results & Handicaps



Winter Waltz Mixed Team 18/01/2020

Mens 4 Man Team 12/01/2020

Ladies Winter Week 13 11/01/20



Mens Winter Warmer Rd 5 08/01/20


Mens Single Stableford 05/01/20


Ladies Winter Week 12 04/01/20

The 2019 /20  Men’s Annual Handicap Review has been completed and is in place from 05/01/2020.  Please ensure you are aware of your correct handicap prior to your next competition .

Access the review via the link below.

2019-20  Men’s Handicap Review

Ian Cassap

Competition & Handicap Secretary


Men’s Single Stableford 29/12/19


Ladies Winter Week 11 28/12/19

Congratulations to Christine Bell for her hole in one on the 15th !!!!!

Men’s 4 Man Team  22/12/19

Ladies Winter Week 10 21/12/19





MENS 4BBB  15/12/19

Ladies Winter Week 9 – 14/12/19

Men’s Winter Warmer Rd 4 – 11/12/19


Due to technical issue there will be a delay in publishing todays Men’s Winer Warmer Rd 4 competition result.  If the issue is not resolved this evening the results will  be published by 8am tomorrow morning. 

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Ian Cassap 

Competition Secretary 


Men’s Single Stableford 08/12/19

Ladies Winter Week 8 07/1/19

Mens 4BBB 01/12/19

Ladies Winter Rd 7  30/11/19

 Mens Christmas Fayre Overall Final Leaderboard 

Mens Christmas Fayre 5 24/11/19



Mens Winter Warmer Round 3  13/11/19

Mens Christmas Fayre Leaderboard After Rd 3

Mens Christmas Fayre Rd 3 10/11/19

Mens Christmas Fayre Rd 2 03/11/19

Ladies Winter Week 3 –   02/11/19 


Mens Winter Warmer Round 2  30/10/19


Mens George  Hind Putter 27/10/19

Ladies George Hind Putter  26/10/19



Play was abandoned  due to flooding on the course following a suspension of play.

The Men’s George Hind Putter Competition is therefore cancelled and will be replayed next Sunday 27th October 2019 and will count as the first score of the 2019 Christmas Fayre. It will be a non handicap qualifier from the yellow tees.

All scores returned during todays round are cancelled as per Committee Procedures 6E(4) in The R&A rules of golf.

Thanks to everyone who attempted to play in the poor conditions…..Again!!!

Ian Cassap

Competition Secretary

Rudd Putter – Mixed Team Texas Scramble 19/10/19

Mens Winter Warmer Round 1 Result 16.10.19