Captain - John Cousins - email:

Senior Captains Message 2017

As seniors captain for 2017 I would like to firstly mention the sad and premature passing of our 2016 captain, Stuart Pascall.

Stuart was a well liked and well respected member of the club, he continued in his position as captain for as long as he could despite his deteriorating health. Our thoughts are with his wife and family.

This is a transitional year for the senior section as there have been some changes made to the way the section is run. Hopefully this will not affect us too greatly but some changes may have to be made.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Gary an enjoyable year as club captain and I would like to wish Chris and Adam every success in their respective roles and look forward to working with them all.

I am very happy to be given this opportunity and would like to thank Mike Mcfadden for stepping in as my vice captain and John Burton for taking on the role as treasurer.

With reference to team matches I would  hope to encourage more members to take part. Its an opportunity to play other courses, compete against other clubs and enjoy a really good day out. The main objective is to have fun, we are not to old for that, are we?

Finally if anyone has any concerns, queries or ideas, please feel free to contact me.

Have a great 2017 and I look forward to getting to know as many members as I can over the coming year

John Cousins

Vice captain - Mike McFadden

Treasurer - John Burton

Secretary - Cliff Rea - email:

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