BRS Booking System – Members Update

Following the analysis of the recent BRS survey results the club has decided to take the following action :-

To take effect from Thursday 17th Jan 2019 in order to honour all existing bookings.

1. All play for members will be on a roll up basis.  

2. BRS will continue to be used for the organisation of both internal and open competitions allowing members to book competition tee times once they are released. 

3. Visitors will be able to use the BRS system to book tee times Monday to Thursday after 10.00 am and on Saturdays after 12.00pm.  

Members will still be able to check for booked tee times using the BRS app/website.

4. A further review will take place at the end of March.

The survey results indicate that the BRS system has both supporters and opponents.
As always the club will work with the membership to come up with a way of operating which tries to satisfy the needs of as many members as possible while accepting that no system will be a perfect fit for everyone.