Latest Covid Update – 14/10/20

In the clubs last update posted on 6th October 2020 the Committee informed members of their intention to re-open the clubhouse bar on Wednesday 7th October 2020 albeit under new DRINK-SAFE conditions. This we did. The Committeehave been monitoring the bars use since re-opening and have been encouraged by the way our members, guests and visitors have respected and followed our DRINK-SAFE rules. The Committee would like to thank everyone who has supportedthe club by using all our facilities in such a responsible manner. With your continuing help we can operate in a safe and sustainable way and hopefully without any further forced interruption.

Also, the club have received new guidance from England Golf ( giving advice on what procedures should be followed if the club is notified of a Covid 19 positive testresult from a player or member of staff . The club, on the exceedingly rare occasions to date, when informed by a member of a positive test result, have implemented procedures in line with this new guidance. We will continue to do so.

Please keep safe and enjoy your golf.

John Walvin (Chairman)

On behalf of Houghton Golf Club Committee