Greens Chairman Update.

Course Update

9th March 2019

You will all know that the main issue with our greens is the spongy surfaces they often have throughout the winter. They do not hold puddles for long but a lot of water is trapped in the top few inches of the greens. This is caused by thatch below the surface. If you want to know what thatch is follow this link;

It has been several years since the greens have had an aggressive treatment for thatch and the planned summer maintenance in August will see the club using the sand filler technology to treat the greens. This following link will explain how the sand filler works and the benefits of using it;

The recommendation for such treatments is to perform them in August/September however because of the nature of the problems we have with the 13th green we have decided to give this green an additional treatment on the 26th March 2019.

Our greens are usually great surfaces however the fairways and rough are areas that have been identified for significant improvement. The length of the fairways needs to increase to try and improve coverage and eliminate the patchy and muddy areas we see too frequently around the course. To reach the desired length of grass the fairways will not be cut for several weeks. It may appear uneven while we see the remains of the winter out but please bear with us and you will reap the benefits of better lies during the playing season. Additionally to shape the course some semi rough and rough will be reinstated around the course during the spring. It will not be penal but should make sure that we can clearly distinguish between the fairway and the rough.

The greens committee has decided to inform members before removing trees to allow any concerns, objections or queries to be raised. There will be a period of two weeks from the notice to save the tree. If a significant number of people object then the tree will not be removed. Unsightly trees currently earmarked for removal are:

The red coloured bush in the middle of the first set of trees on the right hand side of the 14 hole. It is around 130 yards up. Rationale for removal: unsightly and out of place.
The tree at the top of the hazard on the 11th on the corner of the dogleg. Rationale for removal: It is unsightly. The hazard on either side of the fairway should mark the target area.
The bush in the middle of the 10th fairway. Rationale for removal: It is unsightly, obscures the view of the green. Does not represent a suitable hazard for the hole. A proposed solution would be to move it to the right hand side of the fairway.
Hawthorn bushes on the edges of the copses which line the 9th and 10th fairways. Rationale for removal: Players cannot get into the copses where hawthorns are to hit ball back out onto fairway. Edges of copses cannot be maintained effectively where hawthorns are. The pine trees are now fully established and provide the hazard.

After receiving a constructive and supportive letter from a member we are currently forming a plan to improve the winter course for the season 2019-2020. It isn’t easy considering the small acreage we have to protect the course and maintain the length of holes over the winter. We would like high quality mats on all holes during the winter to avoid wear and tear. Unfortunately they are expensive and the last one, which was kindly bought by the Veterans Section, cost seven hundred pounds. When the winter course plan is formed we will let you know.

We must thank the volunteers who help around the course. Thanks to Peter and Andrea Robinson, and the Lady Captain Sandra Gilmour for keeping the surrounding area of the clubhouses in great order. Last Friday we had a group of volunteers who filled divots on the course. Groups can cover large areas and a lot of good work was done. They won’t thank me for mentioning them but they were Dave Bryson, Ian and Emily Baxter, Craig Lawrie, Dave Hanson, John Walvin and Dave Pringle. It was a couple of hours well spent. Several members have since expressed an interest in helping in a similar way. It is intended to fill divots again soon. All volunteers and groups are welcome.

Wayne Naunton and Tony James have kindly volunteered to block pave the area around the compressor and replace the synthetic grass that is currently there.

If you have any queries about your course, or the information above, please ask one of your greens committee; Wayne Ingledew (Head Greenkeeper), John Ellison (Chairman), Ian Baxter, John Walvin, Christine Bell, David Pringle, Dave Bryson (Captain). The minutes from greens meetings are posted on the board with the minutes from the full committee meetings.

Remember to look after your course and enjoy your golf.

John Ellison – Greens Committee Chairman