Club Handicaps

Club Handicaps

****WHS Members Update 30/10/20*****

Handicap List 12/10/20


Guidance on Submitting Supplementary Cards 

We are currently unable to process actual scorecards due to Covid19 guidelines issued by England Golf.  

Anyone wishing to submit scores must follow the following procedure  -:

  1. Strictly PRIOR to play you must Email me at   to register the fact you are intending to register a score for supplementary score for either reactivating an inactive handicap or as part of your 54 hole requirement for a first handicap.  Please include your tee time in your email.  This ideally will be done after you have booked via BRS. No cards will be processed unless preregistered – This is a CONGU requirement
  2. You must play with a member who can verify your scorecard.  To avoid exchanging cards with your playing partner request they collect it , mark it for you , sign it on completion of the round  and then allow you to take a photo of it for your reference.
  3. On completion of your round complete the online scorecard below and email it address as above.
  4. No cards are to be posted in the competition scorecards box or handed into the shop ….they will not be processed. 

Supplementary Card – Men

Supplementary Card- Ladies


Ian Cassap

Competition & Handicap Secreatary